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Serving experience

I decided to open a countryside restaurant offering the simplest and best dishes 10 years ago. Thank to good wine, fresh, premium commodity and the excellent, well-founded team for today our restaurant is well-known and acknowledged throughout the country and even foreign gastro tourists visit us.

We are proud of our results, although we know we have to struggle for tribute over and over again. This is why aiming for perfection is important all the time.

Please, discover our dishes, taste our weekly offers and specialties! Also choose from our excellent quality wines, as my colleagues are here to attend to your every need, if necessary they call for chauffeur service or book a beautiful room at our lodging house for you.

If after trying Rókusfalvy Fogadó you desire more experiences in Etyek, visit Rókusfalvy Birtok at Újhegy offering further surprises and various programmes.

I will be pleased to welcome you at our restaurant.

Best regards,
Pál Rókusfalvy



Welcome to the reopening and renewed Rókusfalvy Inn!
It’s a pleasure for all of us to enjoy the natural delights we once had before, like a dinner with friends or a wine tasting. 
This start is especially important for us, because thanks to our new chef, Zoltán Fülöp, we also treat our guests with a fresh menu and a little more, because as you know: we are serving experience.

Monday to Saturday: 12pm–10pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm
Please bring your valid immunity certificate To use indoor rooms.

Table reservation:
+36 22 597097
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