Serving experience

Please, discover our dishes, taste our weekly offers and specialties! Also choose from our excellent quality wines, as my colleagues are here to attend to your every need, if necessary they call for chauffeur service or book a beautiful room at our lodging house for you.


Grilled goat cheese from Etyek, mesclun salad with pear dressing 
4 900 Ft
Meat filled crepes 
4 300 Ft
Rustic selection plate
4 700 Ft
Hummus, aivar, aubergine3 900 Ft


Beef consommé with marrow bone
3 600 Ft
Celery cream soup with smoked cottage cheese dumpling
3 600 Ft
Smoked knuckle bean soup
3 800 Ft


Salmon fillet with spinach tagliatelle and parmesan foam7 900 Ft
Pan fried chicken supreme stuffed with truffled pecorino and mashed potato
5 900 Ft
Catfish paprikash with farmer's cheese noodles and crispy bacon
7 900 Ft
Sour lung stew with matzoball 6 200 Ft
Duck leg with steamed cabbage and oven backed potato
6 900 Ft
Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad7 900 Ft
Venison fillet with yellow peas puree, parnship and sour cherry9 400 Ft


Soup of goose with "snail" pasta and carrot 
1 590 Ft
Fried chicken breast with french fries           
2 490 Ft


Golden walnut dumplings with vanilla cream 
3 400 Ft
Dark chocolate soufflé with raspberry coulis
3 400 Ft
Basque cheese withh quince foam
3 400 Ft
Chia pudding with redcurrant ragout
3 700 Ft
Cheese variation with pecan nut and fig mustard3 200 Ft
The bill includes an additional 12% service charge.